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City of Tukwila


Traffic signal/traffic sign issue


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The skid marks on the road here are from some idiot that was driving way to fast going north on 51st. The posted speed limit is 25 but everyone drives at 45-50 down this road. This particular incident happened because of high speed a small hill and a guy on a bike riding down the road. The driver almost hit the bike at high speed because of the blind hill with my driveway is on and because of his speed. Ive made complaints before but it will probably take a child or someone getting killed before you actually try to fix the speeding issue on this road. Put in some speed bumps, speed signs that measure and post your speed, more patrols or something! Anything! There are no side walks or safe crossing on this street at all and I know there are several family's with kids like me. We have to cross the street and walk on the side of the road with @#$% flying by us at 40+ miles per hour. Get someone out here to put in sidewalks, safe crossings and speed bumps or someone is going to get hit and hopefully it doesnt happen to a kid.

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