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Today, Monday, May 27, 2019, my wife and I were out for a walk through Lanesville streets. As we passed 1056 Washington Street and passed by the entrance to the Lane’s Cove Cemetery a dog appeared alone and unleashed on the sidewalk ahead. It charged at us, barking and snarling, preventing us from continuing our walk on the public sidewalk.

After snarling, baring its teeth and bluff charging me several times - my elderly wife having already fled in the other direction - the dog made one last threat charge at me, turned and ran across Washington Street in front of a passing auto, almost getting hit and causing the motorist to swerve and hit his brakes. It then disappeared into the back yard of 1063 Washington Street, at the corner of Young Ave. My wife spoke with a neighbor across the street and described the dog and the incident to her. She offered the opinion that the dog may belong to the residents of a cottage at 1063R Washington Street and related that she’d heard that the dog had bitten someone. See photo of the offending animal that I took during the standoff.

In a densely populated neighborhood this kind of behavior by an unleashed dog is dangerous and completely unacceptable. I request that Gloucester’s Animal Control Officer visit 1063 and 1063R Washington Street at the corner of Young Ave and identify this animal and its owner. At the least, a warning should be issued to the owner to keep the dog leashed.

Bill Thoms
1174 Washington St

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