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On an almost daily basis, there are 5-10 particular motorbikes and ATVs speeding on Lark St., at deafening levels, popping wheelies, and often wearing masks. One of the ATV drivers stands on the vehicle as he rides it vertical down the street, unable to see pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. The Mayor's office has stated there are increased patrols in this area as well as plain clothed officers, but there are no signs of either when it comes to this ongoing safety, noise and quality of life issue. It's relatively common knowledge that, almost daily in nice weather, some of the worst noise and safety offenders race down Lark (From the Madison end) popping wheelies down the street toward Central where they are also sometimes seen causing issues, and they have been spotted coming from a side street off Delaware Ave., near Stewarts across from the former Friendly's building (check traffic cameras on Delaware Ave. for Sunday May, 26th between 6:10 PM and 6:45 PM), and they are part of the crew that rides on the sidewalks. One or more of them often has a woman on the back of their vehicle.

Check the cameras at the intersection of Madison and Lark and all the way down Lark Street (going south to north toward the Armory) for Monday, May 27th. They were directly outside Stacks and Rain at 5:26 PM. popping wheelies as always. Between 5:00-5:05 PM, on May 27th, another of the worst offenders (riding a blue motorbike and wearing a mask from his nose down) rode past the same spot but going north to south towards Madison. And, at 5:42 PM, four more went past also going north to south. Instances like this are reported but the riders are too fast to be caught if APD isn't present when the violations occur. The department has been provided enough information to find the offenders on traffic camera footage and to be waiting for them when they speed by. When it's not raining, try placing a patrol car out of site along the North wall of Rain restaurant (in the parking lot) and typically at least some of the riders will go by. Additional police vehicles could block their way at the end of Lark, toward the armory. Surely APD can out smart and out maneuver these guys with just a little planning and effort.


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