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I need to return my cat to the Bridgeport shelter due to severe behavioral issues. I adopted him a little over two years ago and this has been an ongoing problem. I have reached out to Paws and the humane society to have him adopted with no success. Paws will not take him because of the behavior. The Bridgeport shelter says that the right decision would be to put him to sleep. My issue is that when I first contacted them they said if I brought him back there they would have to put him to sleep, so I may want to try to have him adaopted. After doing that with no success I called the shelter back and they are now telling me that I would have to make arrangements elsewhere to have it done at a cost to me. I am a single mom and I can not afford to do this. The cat came to us with behavioral issues and I have tried to work with him for over two years. I don't think that I should have to pay to have him euthanized.


Christine L. Woods

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A. I need to return a cat to the shelter/behavioral issues


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