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Codes Compliance


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1299 5th st s. Overgrown. Dead palm limbs. Other misc dead plant material. This guy had two illegal piles on his land for almost a year completely against code done with no permits, finally after months and months of citizens putting in complaints the code department took him before the code enforcement board where he proceeded to lie by telling them it was impossible to spread the piles out without heavy equipment… Then proceeded to coerce somebody to spread one pile out - completely by hand! Then the code enforcement board gave him 45 more days after almost a year of doing nothing and basically told him he can come back in 45 days and they give him another extension. So this contractor/builder has never done one single maintenance on this property, the cities had to mow it every single time in the past year, had these piles of trash and debris that were illegal and he just keeps getting extensions and no fines. But if the rest of us have overgrowth onto the sidewalk we get a 10 day notice and then get $100 civil penalty. Something is really wrong with the way the city handles these cases!

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A. Property Maintenance Issues
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