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Traffic complaint-Not needing immediate attention Acknowledged

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Traffic complaint-Not needing immediate attention


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The intersection of Moore St. & Hamilton Ave. is a busy cross walk for pedestrians. There is a cross walk there clearly labeled in the street. However, cars fail to stop there all the time. Twice now, I have nearly been hit by a car. Specifically, the cars going one way stopped, I proceeded to cross, and the car in the far distance coming the other way was going much too fast, not paying attention there is a person in the middle of the street, whizzes by nearly missing me. It is dangerous. It would benefit to put something there to make the fact that there is a pedestrian cross walk more apparent (sign, lights).

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Q. Is this an on going problem with all vehicles or specific to one vehicle?
A. ongoing
Q. If this is a speeding vehicle or vehicles please provide descriptions and time frame if possible.
A. Problem is people don't notice or pay attention there is a cross walk at that intersection. Many times they are speeding as well.


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