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I live in brewery square and they have a very bad mice infestation problem through out the building and they mice droppings are in closets and mice are in closets eating my shoes and leaving dropping in my shoes and the boxes the mice are very aggressive the light doesn't scare them or noise doesn't scare them away , I broke my broom trying to get them off my feet because mice was chasing after my bare feet in bathroom and bedroom . You can hear them scratching in the walls in bedroom & livingroom it's very frighting . The property management lies and try to convince me that the mice infestation is new because of All the Remolding that they doing to front entrance of building such as a fitness room & new offices for property managers & resident lounge . Continue to make the outside look nice & post pictures of vacant apartments online that's being upgraded very nice & fancy but do very little to Nothing about occupied apartments or residents concern are ignored or patched up repairs &'property managers get bad attitude when you call them about apartment & depending on if they like tenant or not they will not send maintence staff to your unit if there having a bad day . I Elm City Communities to attempt to report my concerns to my specialist and she Never answered phone or brother to respond to my voicemails messages unless Legal Aide gets involved and when I call the Mayor office on 5|28|2019 my call was forwarded to LCI in which an Inspector came out immedaitely but he couldn't even reach property manager cause she was to busy?? Hiding in her office. This building use to be a Beer Brewery before converting into apartments so I wonder were The Very Rich Owners think the rodents left the building when the Beer left the building ?? Not hardly the rodents are in the walls but they exterminate with a company after a dead mice on my kitchen floor a couple of years ago but plastic glue traps catch mice very little . I was washing dishes last week & I thought I was seeing things but a fast dark shadow from under refrigerator and run underneath stove & my eyes wasn't playing tricks because on 5/27/19 when I woke around 6am to use bathroom I turned on light and to my surprise about 4 or more were running around on the bathroom floor like they were at a playground , I was so scared & terrified of mice & rats I thought I was going to have a heart attack I had seen mice before but Never like that or so many of them at once except on Tv not running after my feet the mice chased me from bathroom to my bedroom when I jumped on my bed the mice ran into my bedroom closet were they must have finally scratched there way thru the wall they been scatching at for weeks & months it's disgusting and terrifying and no one should have to like especially when the rent is so expensive and it's mostly funded by the government ( HUD) has there recipients some disabled lots of kids live in this building its a disgrace but Owners and Management don't live with mice and there feces and peeing all over where ever they call home then why do they feel there tenants deserve that . This rodent problem didn't just start it's been allowed to occur for over 20 yrs I've been told from residents hat have lived here before me for and lots of them stay living here paying rent to live with mice on the countertops and furniture . Instead Management will lie to you over the phone or look you in the eyes and lie and pretend it's a isodated problem in only my unit . I hate for someone to lie to my face or over the phone it's not just my unit it's All units this Entire Building is infested from ground apartments to the apartments up high because tenants talk to one another and some residents come outside and talk loud about mice in there units on the sidewalks so if your asleep they wake you because they outside your windows. The Owners or Management aren't paying residents rent or utilities and the Owners aren't allowing people to live here for Free , I'm sure H U D is depositing some big checks $$$ in the Owners accounts for them to live well and descent and sleep comfortable with hearing rodents scatching inside the walls or mice dropping in there homes having Fowl odors and dead mice on there carpet or kitchen floors. I truly wish someone would make Owners and Shoreline Management Accountable for residents living conditions since Housing Authority is way to be and Some of The Housing code inspectors act as if residents shouldn't voice there concerns as residents who live here are living in Luxury Apartments and we should be Grateful or Something , what a joke but I bet LCI inspectors don't wake up to mice running around or mice chewing up they're shoes or sneakers or boots . What because building is funded for Low income and elderly and disabled and children . They deserve to spend or move into 1Brewery Square instead of working for Owners or Shoreline Management spend the night in the old out dated units that rodent infested then look the residents in the Face and Continue to Tell Lies and get more Weathly with No Morales or Contrince .

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Q. Is the problem blight (trash, etc) outside, or is it a problem with the building (illegal use, housing code violation, etc)?
A. Building Problem


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