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trash, odor


Police have already tried to address this issue before because someone thought a dead body was rotting in their backyard. Not joking or exaggerating. It smells like dead bodies, faces, and trash in backyard. We can't go outside or have people over because neighbors are "composting" incorrectly. They are throwing rotting food in their yard. Another neighbor posted this same issue. Please help. Walk in the alley and try not to vomit.

also asked...
Q. What was the weather like when the odor was detected?
A. Sunny
Q. What was the temperature?
A. Hot
Q. What was the wind direction?
A. Calm
Q. What was the intensity of the odor?
A. 10 (Very Strong)
Q. Please check all options that describe the odor:
A. Sewage Like, Fecal, Fishy, Manure/Farmyard, Rotten Egg, Decayed Cabbage, Putrid/Rotting, Putrid/Nauseating, Unpleasant

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