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Homeless Encampment and/or Squatters Reconhecido

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City of Vallejo


Homeless Encampment and/or Squatters


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This building has been reported numerous times on this site about being used a fake business to repair computers and is instead doing human trafficking and a illegal homeless and squatters living facilities. Drug deals are being done all day.
This building continues to be illegally converted all the time. Work can be heard bring done at all hours of the day and night.
Cars with paper plates and garbage inside them are being parked on a city sidewalk and the time limits posted on city poles are not being enforced.
Businesses in the area have called the police numerous times because of the illegal activity and yet the building department and code enforcement do nothing, but let the sorounding community continue to suffer.
Maybe calling the local news media and let them see what is going on will force the city government to do something about this situation.

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