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All down Blount Street from Peace to South Blount is infested with mosquitoes and cockroaches. Especially during humid and wet hot weeks like these.

I walked down Blount St. the other night and saw cockroaches scurry across the sidewalks. I probably counted over 10 in just a block (especially by the governors mansion and also a lot on Peace St. on the sidewalk to the left of krispy kreme). I realize there are probably infested houses/basements but there's got to be a way to keep them off the sidewalks. Not fun taking a date on a walk downtown and her seeing cockroaches everywhere she looks.

Also, I get out of my car to go inside (I live off of N Blount) and I can see SWARMS of mosquitoes. I thought they were gnats at first and I tried working on my car earlier today (ignoring the swarm 20 ft away) and after 10 minutes I realized I had 15+ mosquito bites already (literally looked down and had 10+ mosquitoes on my legs).

Why doesn't the city of Raleigh spray for bugs? Almost every other city I've ever lived in routinely has pest control. Now I pretty much am going to need to wear smelly bug spray as my cologne to keep the mosquitoes off me.

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