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Traffic Signs


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There is a double-lane one-way exit out of the Safeway grocery store onto Benfield Rd. (near Severn Bank) Many incidents of cars heading north on Benfield Rd making improper right turn into this “exit only” drive. There is going to be a collision one day. The two “Do Not Enter” warning signs facing Benfield Rd. have been completely washed out by the sun. Recommend these two signs be replaced. it might help prevent an accident. Thanks. Gordon Hankey

PS-the other entrance to Safeway off Benfield Rd (entrance just south of exit described above) is a one-way “in” entrance with Do Not Enter” signs facing the Safeway building.)I have also seen cars improperly try to use this exit to leave the Safeway parking lot; potentially setting up a collision. Would request these two signs also be checked by the AACO crew.

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