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This is in regards to blocking off the merge lane entering highway 101 South from Marsh Road. On Friday June 7, 2019, the lane that is normally available for cars entering the highway to merge onto the highway was blocked in a way that it leads the car needing to merge directly into the first lane of the highway, without giving the merging car appropriate time and distance to safely enter the highway. The cones were set up diagonally, which forces the merging vehicle to enter lane 1 of the highway at an angle. It is very difficult to pay attention to where the cones are leading and at the same time try to safely enter the highway. As a result of the angle that the cones forced the merging vehicle to enter, it was very difficult to get a clear view of the upcoming vehicles, thus making it very unsafe to enter the highway. I had to continue straight, running over a cone, which remained trapped under my car for a couple of miles until it eventually fell off. I was unable to pull over because the exit lane and shoulder was blocked off from March Road to Willow Road.

Please allow ample distance for merging vehicles to safely enter the highway or close the exit altogether. I would rather take a detour than risk not being able to safely enter the highway.

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