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About year 1-2 yrs ago, 90-92 fairmont street was purchased and rented. I do not know who the landlord is but the neighbors and I have been witnessing a multitude of issues with the new tenants.
1) #90- On the second floor, there is a couple living there who have different but steady tenants coming in and out. (between 3-4 people extra that change every few months. We are assuming that they are subletting.
2) #92 -There are at least 5-6 people currently living in the property when the landlord rented to one woman. Again, these people change from time to time, indicating a sub-letting.

With all these people in a small house, comes:
1) Alcohol related fighting in the middle of the night-(police are called several times)
2) Trash is put out every friday night when the trash day is Monday. As a result Animals break through the bags, leaving garbage all over the street
3) Constant noise into all hours of the night (music, fighting, parties)
4) No respect for the neighbors
5) Absent landlord
6) MOST IMPORTANTLY: They bring with them 10-12 cars (driveway only holds 3 cars). including vans, constructions vans and their own cars but 10 spots are taken on Fairmont street from this one house.

Everyone is sick of it! Please help us.

Neighbors on Fairmont Street, Malden

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