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Catamaran on a trailer parked on the grass in front of the house at 2900 68th Av. South. The same issue was reported twice last week, one of them was marked as duplicate. The issue was assigned to the inspector (inspector ID ERHIRVEL). Supposedly, the initial inspection was done on 06/13/19. Most probably the inspector did not visit the location when he made the following inspection results comments -"No domestic equipment present at the moment of the inspection". This catamaran was parked on the grass in front of the property for at least a week, it was there on the day of the "inspection", and it is still there. The city should investigate this issue, reassign this case to a different inspector, and reinspect the location ASAP!
For the last 2.5 years, multiple complaints were submitted for this location; however, no actions were taken by the city. Maybe because this inspector never sees anything?
PS. This picture was made this morning. the catamaran is still there.

also asked...
Q. What are you reporting?
A. Boat/RV/trailer/commercial vehicle issue
Q. Is the reported address your home or business address?
A. No

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