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Traffic Signal Issue - If this is after business hours, (Monday-Friday 8:30a-4:30p) please call the non-emergency police switchboard line at 781-393-4700


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Where Salem Street crosses the Fellsway, the road broadens out from one lane to two lanes (there aren't lane lines, but that's how people treat it). However, there's no signage designating whether people going straight should be in one lane or another. That often leads to frustration, as people jump between lanes based on whichever appears to be shorter. I've witnessed several close calls where someone gunned it at the last second to change lanes to avoid someone turning.

It seems like going either direction, a designated "left turn only" lane should be created, while the right lane would be for right turns and people going straight.

also asked...
Q. Is a signal bulb out and if so, which one?
A. No
Q. Is the signal bulb flashing?
A. No Answer Given
Q. Please provide the intersection of the affected signal.
A. No Answer Given

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