Excessive Speeding / No Posted Speed Limit Sign Open

2-50 New Ludlow Rd Chicopee, MA, 01020, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Passenger and Commercial Vehicles, speeding at high rates of speed

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A. My family and My Neighbors have view and recorded on home surveillance several vehicles speeding at high rates of speed well over the legal 25 MPH speed limit.... ( New Ludlow Rd.) We have also witnessed several vehicles crossing marked yellow lanes on opposite sides of road to avoid potholes in an attempt not have to slowdown... I know yourself and departments are very busy and have more other pressing matters to attend to. At this juncture it’s important something be done. I have seen several officers on Montgomery st. As well as several others Police this very issue and I truly appreciate all that the police force and protect/ serve community does for us citizens. I will be purchasing ( PLEASE SLOW DOWN ) lawn signs for my neighbors and my self in hopes to inform and deter drivers. Keep up the Great Work Guys !!! My daughter and my self Appreciate it!!!!!!! Thankyou, R.A.

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