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Streets - Potholes/Depression Kinilala

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City of Oakland


Streets - Potholes/Depression


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Calling to have the workers come back to complete the job: there are several big pot holes between Macarthur Blvd all the way down to E.24th Street.

ay nagtanong din...
T. Is there any water coming out of it?
T. Is there an odor coming out of it?
S. Don't Know / No Answer
T. Is there loose asphalt around it or is it more like smooth dip?
S. There is loose asphalt around it
T. How large is the hole?
S. about 10 inches & bigger
T. Is the pothole located on a freeway on ramp or off ramp?
T. What were you doing when you encountered the pothole/depression?
S. Driving
T. If signage, a barricade, cone or other device covers the pothole whose name appears on it? (e.g., EBMUD)
S. no coverage at all
T. ***PLEASE CHECK*** the LOCATION of your request, so we send the crew to the correct place. For mobile users, sometimes the GPS location is incorrect. *ALSO* To avoid delays, provide a detailed description of the issue. *PHOTOS* are helpful.
S. Walang Ibinigay na Sagot

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