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Streets - Potholes/Depression Được thừa nhận

13th Ave Oakland, CA, 94610, USA Hiển thị trên Bản đồ Ẩn Bản đồ
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City of Oakland


Streets - Potholes/Depression

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48 lần

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Lynn-Highland Park

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Calling to have the workers come back to complete the job: there are several big pot holes between Macarthur Blvd all the way down to E.24th Street.

cũng đã hỏi...
Hỏi. Is there any water coming out of it?
Đáp. NO
Hỏi. Is there an odor coming out of it?
Đáp. Don't Know / No Answer
Hỏi. Is there loose asphalt around it or is it more like smooth dip?
Đáp. There is loose asphalt around it
Hỏi. How large is the hole?
Đáp. about 10 inches & bigger
Hỏi. Is the pothole located on a freeway on ramp or off ramp?
Đáp. NO
Hỏi. What were you doing when you encountered the pothole/depression?
Đáp. Driving
Hỏi. If signage, a barricade, cone or other device covers the pothole whose name appears on it? (e.g., EBMUD)
Đáp. no coverage at all
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