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On May 10 our neighbor caught her home on fire due to smoking in a house full of her oxygen tanks!! Six emergency vehicles arrived to the scene. Fortunately the damage to the house was minimal, except for her furniture that was left outside in the front lawn for a couple weeks till “someone” disposed of it.
This is the same neighbor that lives in a foreclosed home, that her son-in-law “owns”. Two years ago we had severe rat problems for almost a year until they were finally resolved by tearing up a rotten deck in her back yard and burying the chopped wood with 2 yards of dirt. Codes has been out to this house and insisted they fix the dilapidated fence and the falling awnings.
Once again the backyard lawn is out-of-control and the front yard is nearly a foot tall in places. We have called the police to do a wellness check because that’s Neighbor is in very poor health goes to the methadone clinic on a daily basis and is an incessant chain smoker using oxygen putting our family in danger… They said all they could do is knock on the door which we have tried to do and have no answer. I assume the house is uninhabitable for her because of the stench of smoke that must be in there after the fire… We are doing everything we can to improve our own home and living next-door to a home with these conditions is deplorable The 55-year-old son-in-law is no longer communicating once the rat issue was resolved. My question how long does the lawn have to be neglected before someone is notified. The awnings are falling again in the back of the house and we watch the squirrels go in and out all day. it won’t be long before the rats are back. So frustrated...


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