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On 06/22/2019 at 0842 hrs I, S/O B. Groover responded to Shelllake in regards to property damage. Upon arrival contact was made with Elizebeth Cowell (resident) of 13 Peregrine Crossing. She showed me the location of the damages in concrete at the back of Shellrake near the turn around. There was also lighter fluid, a lighter stick, a burnt can of Off bug spray, and a receipt from Publix found at the location. The concrete may require pressure washing. She was also concerned that there are no trash cans to throw away debris at the facility. Cpl J. Bryan arrived at 0900 hrs. Chatham County was notified and Officer Eng arrived on scene at 0918 hrs. We reviewed the video at Publix and discovered three teenagers one wearing an orange hat and gray shirt purchasing the listed items along with a lobster on 06/19/2019 at 1827 hrs. I wasn't able to identify the teenagers. We then went to Shellrake and noticed lobster matter in the burnt debris on the path. The CRN is CC190622012. All units cleared at 1015 hrs. This report will be forwarded to Public Works. End of report

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