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Landings Association


Tree Maintenance Request on Common Property

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Landings Association

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pothole, traffic, tree, trash, road safety

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On 6/22/19 at 17:53 S/O C. Duquette responded to Landings Way North (just north of Wiley Bottom Road) for a report of a leaning tree. A tree had begun to fall and caught itself on another tree across the street. The tree is overhanging Landings Way North and is a safety hazard.

I, Sgt. C. Bundy, contacted Sean Burgess at 18:18 and informed him of the issue. I was advised to contact Brightview and Ken responded to assess the situation. It was decided that Evergreen Tree Service needed to be contacted and they responded at 19:15. At this time both sides of Landings Way North were shut down and traffic was detoured away from the area. The tree was cut down and the road cleared at 21:30. Roadway was opened back up at this time. Sean Burgess was informed at the completion of the incident. Evergreen will return Monday, 6/24/19, to remove the rest of the debris which is located in the grass areas off the side of the road. Report will be forwarded to Pubic Works. End of report.

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Hỏi. Is the tree dead?
Đáp. Chưa có Câu trả lời nào
Hỏi. Is the tree damaged/broken?
Đáp. Yes
Hỏi. Is the tree a danger to persons and/or property?
Đáp. No
Hỏi. Type of tree:
Đáp. Chưa có Câu trả lời nào
Hỏi. Location of Tree
Đáp. Common Area on Landings Way North just pass Wiley Bottom Road

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