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Code Enforcement/Private Property Issue


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We've lived on Jaffiley Court for 1 year now and one of our neighbors has yet to mow his yard, front or back. He might use his weed eater when he feels like it to mow under the tree in his front yard. He parks his truck in his front yard,has 3 cars in his driveway, and has a canoe and a kayak in front yard also, along with a "blue hose". He has never mowed his back yard, which also looks like a dump.

Can he be made to clean up his yard? We do not have an HOA for our neighborhood. There are 12-13 houses in this cul-de-sac and all keep their yards clean but him. It's disgusting looking and ruins the looks of our cul-de-sac neighborhood, needless-to-say that his backyard could be rat infested because of the junk. We have not complained before because we were hoping he would take the hint when he saw how we and others keep their yards clean, but to no avail. We are getting sick of it. I took 7 pictures, but could only download 1. I can provide other pictures if you need them.

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