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noise complaint


Over a year ago a noisy device, previously located on a wooden pole at 590 Franklin St., was relocated at the request of the new owner. The new location, on a wooden light pole about 80 feet farther down the street, is near the house at 582 belonging to me and my wife Margot Kempers.
Shocked by the noise of the fan-forced cooling we wrote Mark McGovern and he apparently forwarded my concern. Little happened but I did speak with installers from, I believe, Crown Castle, who told me they were replacing the old device, and that the newer one was quieter.
We noted that the new one has four cooling fans, twice the number of the old one.
While it is unclear if that device was ever quieter, it has become noisier and noisier until now it is having, in our opinion, an adverse environmental impact. It is very loud and runs whenever the temperatures get in the neighborhood of 50 degrees.
It is outrageous that the city would add noise like this to a quiet residential street.
We submit that no one in city government would put up with this in front of their own house.
We find it hard to believe that other, quieter, cooling options are not available to whoever owns and maintains the devices.
Please advise us as to the city’s stand about this, and as to any available remedies.
Thank you,
Fred Scholz

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