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Pavement Markings (Missing, Needed or Damaged)


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As Buckingham approaches 85 from the South, there are two lanes. Each lane allows a right turn onto the 85 onramp (which also has two lanes), and the left lane permits traffic to cross straight through as well. This is reflected by the hanging sign showing the two directions that traffic can travel from the left lane.

From the attached Google Street View image, it appears that there used to be pavement markings as well. However, the left lane marking is no longer present, or no longer visible, and as a result some drivers are not aware that right turns are allowed from the left lane. They then feel free to turn right from the right lane of Buckingham directly into the left lane of the onramp, without checking for vehicles turning right from the left lane of Buckingham, creating a risk of collision with those vehicles.

Is it possible for this marking to be repainted?

also asked...
Q. What is the damage or issue?
A. Left left needs marking indicating that a right turn is allowed
Q. What is the exact location or intersection?
A. Buckingham Dr & Onramp to 85 E

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