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Major traffic issue getting worse! Stop Sign(s) needed or Speed hump Open

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The 7900 block of Walker has always been problematic with high speed traffic over the years and it's getting worse. I really think something needs to be done before someone is killed.. Kids have been hit by cars, almost everyone on this block has had everything from mirrors knocked off, to major damage to their car from being sideswiped. Of course it's always a hit and run no less. I really would like to see something done for the safety of the people in this area including my self living on this block for 45 years now.
So the problem... Walker Street from Sheffield going north there is not one stop sign all the way down to Decatur Street. Walker street is a very wide street from that distance. So vehicles come flying down Walker Street at a high rate of speed (because it's nice and wide with no stop signs) and then slow down or pause for the stop sign at Walker street and Decatur street. Then they speed back up from Decatur street north towards Rhawn street. Since Walker is a narrow street going north from Decatur towards Rhawn, these drivers go even faster down the block loosing control and hitting parked cars because the street is not as wide.
My solution from living here so long is this...
A) install a stop sign on Walker street at Hartel ave to slow the cars down some before they get to Walker and Decatur streets.
B) install a stop sign at Walker and Frost streets. So they only travel one small block and have to stop again before Rhawn street.
A and B together would also work great.
C) install a speed hump somewhere between Decatur and Frost Street on Walker street slowing the cars down going along the 7900 block of Walker Street. I've seen this work great in other neighborhoods. Personally I would love to see all three of these things done to end all the issues with the fast drivers.
I'm outside daily to maintain around my home keeping the streets clean and picking up the trash that blows around. I'm almost hit every time by some speeding motorist when I'm out there.
So could someone PLEASE PLEASE come out and look into this and you'll find it's a bad situation almost any time of day. This has been an on going problem for many years and it's getting worse that's why I figured it's time to reach out to the folks of the city via this forum as this site has worked great for me since it came on line and I've had great success and action with seeclickfix .
I've spoken with most of the people who live on this block and they all agree this issue needs to be looked into and resolved. I've had 4 cars heavily damaged and lost several mirrors over the years personally. I installed camera's around my home but they can't really make out the plate number when someone's car is damaged on the block. Please help us! Thank you!

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