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There is a cross walk with a light at the corner of Armand Hammer and High Street, why do we need another cross walk sign and stop 100 feet away from the one that there now.. This will disrupt traffic yet again for all the lazy people walking to wawa from the hospital. To go to all the other food places they have to walk in the direction of high street anyway. This will cause cars to stop right after the light for people walking across, at rush hour there is enough traffic problems without this. Just walk up to the corner and use the cross walk already there. Think about it, at the corner they have to wait for the light and the walk sign.. if we put this cross walk there they can walk across at any time, tell me why we should allow this. It;s mostly doctors, nurses crossing and hospital staff, who have no problem telling everyone else in this world they need more exercise so let them walk a few extra feet and get the exercise and cross at the light. Lets remove that cross walk sign, Pottstown council are you listening!! or do we all have to show up at the next meeting? I did not read any thing in the legal notes about that change of traffic codes, if it was not posted it should not be there. Pottstown police please remove that sign that was placed there against the law...


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