New Traffic Lights at Whitney/Armory Need to be Adjusted Archived

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Whether intended by the engineers who designed the project or not, the timing of the new traffic signals has resulted in massive traffic jams for vehicles traveling from Armory onto Whitney, particularly during weekday rush hour traffic times. Before the new system came online, a maximum of 5 or 6 cars on Armory would have to wait for a green light, the lights would change quickly, and there would be enough time for all the cars to get onto Whitney. Under the new system, the light turns green less frequently and for a much shorter time, resulting in a backlog of 10 - 12 cars at peak rush hour times. Cars often have to wait for two or three light changes before they can get onto Whitney. The result is a lot of angry drivers, honking horns, and speeding cars that try to get onto Whitney before the light turns red.

The lights needs to be adjusted so that there is a longer green light for vehicles going to Whitney from Armory and so the wait between successive green lights is much more reasonable.

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