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9227 Mason Pl Detroit, MI 48209, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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City of Detroit


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pothole, sidewalk


Broken sidewalk

also asked...
Q. Is the issue a pothole or a sinkhole?
A. Pothole
Q. Is the pothole on a road or a sidewalk?
A. Sidewalk
Q. What are the closest cross streets to the pothole?
A. woodmere and mason pl 9227 mason place on woodmere
Q. Approximately how many potholes are you reporting?
A. the side walk is broken and has holes. I seen alot of side walls repaired in this area recently . and wonder. why this one wasn't fixed alot of children walk past this daily. I myself had tripped because the hole and i was lucky not to be injured otherwise i would have called an lawyer.
Q. What is the approximate size of the pothole(s)?
A. No Answer Given


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  • DPW / Street Maintenance - BF (Verified Official)

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