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Traffic: Roadway Striping Maintenance


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The intersection of coles and 2nd street and the crosswalks are continually blocked off by traffic since you jammed up the intersection of 2nd and newark with stupid useless plastic sticks. You need to remove the ugly mess at the end of the block and put the road back the way it was and just move the crosswalk to the narrow part of the road. You are continually endangering pedestrians with this mess because cars are constantly sitting in the crosswalks. All this did is make everything worse when there was never a problem before. Do you need to have a pedestrian hit by a car before you take this down? Just put up a speed bump or traffic light if you need to. It also jams up traffic at the laundromat there because a lot of people stop to pick up laundry and you took away the only space to safely pul over out of the way

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