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Traffic (speeding, wrong way drivers, cross walks)


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On June 25, 2019 I submitted ticket no. 6086475, asking that in light of the upcoming closure of the 4th Street off-ramp, we *please* require Chelsea Police to monitor the Beacon Street off-ramp for semis, and to ticket violators. Of course, my ticket no. 6086475 was closed the same day it was submitted with a note thanking me for my input, and they'll forward to CPD. Well, apparently the message was lost somewhere, because at 9:25pm tonight there were FOUR SEMIS lined up on Beacon Street between Broadway and Chestnut after coming off the exit that is prohibited to them. This meant that traffic was backing up in both directions on Beacon Street and the off-ramp, and the 111 bus had difficulties getting through (and was forced to let passengers off in the middle of the street). This was all so very predictable. I had to call CPD twice, and to the best of my knowledge no one has responded. Even though the police station is less than a half a block away. Enough already - coordinate with the State Police, assign details to sit at the bottom of the ramp, but DO SOMETHING. I am really starting to think that it's going to take another person getting killed because of a semi, or a semi crashing into a house, before the City of Chelsea takes this matter seriously.


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