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10/21/10 while biking to work i came across a PWD work crew of about 15 workers attempting to remove debris from the river. they failed to secure their work area and berated me for not interpreting a plastic "detour" sign as a closed road. they cursed at me repeatedly while laughing and literally threatened me to get back up the hill. despite refusing me passage, they let other people pass from the other side of the path. this is discriminatory and unprofessional.

there were a number of employees, they could have taped off the path and stationed someone at the top of the hill. they actually did so, but only after i told them they should.

I don't appreciate being threatened by phila employees. They gave no prior notice of the plan to close the path. Not a single one of them was wearing a hard hat. Typical water department incompetence.

They refused to give me their names or their supervisor's full name, identifying him only as "oneill."

When they did start operating the crane, they failed to choose a large enough strap to pull thousands of pounds of waterlogged debris from the creek. The strap snapped, sending a huge block and tackle flying at the crowd of employees who were standing directly between the crane and truck. It's a miracle no one was killed. They yelled up that it should have been me in the path of the block. Nice. Thanks guys.

It should be noted that I encounter numerous work crews on this path and route. They're all professionals (fairmount park, subcontracted construction, subcontracted landscapers). The PWD stands out as a bunch of goons. This is unacceptable.


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