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Over a year ago the speed limit on Metcalf Road was reduced from 30 mph to 20 mph, and while there has been an improvement in the rate at which some vehicles travel down this road, there are still a number that are easily over 40 mph as they reach the bottom of the hill. This road is narrow and has poor sight lines, but is unfortunately a cut-through from Hoppin Hill Road and Anawan Road that allows vehicles to by-pass the light at 120, 1A and Rte 1. I have witnessed neighborhoods in Cumberland, RI are using increased signage and speed tables to deter vehicles from utilizing similar neighborhoods as cut-throughs. In the next few weeks LIberty Utilities will be digging up and then re-paving Metcalf Road in order to lay new gas lines. This seems like an opportune time to try something new in order to make our community more safe. This road is extremely dangerous for pedestrians and especially children. I think it is in the community's best interests to find a solution, before there is an unfortunate incident similar to what has been seen in too many local towns of late.

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