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Howard County, MD


Tree stump removal


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the tree splits my neighbor's property and mind. My neighbor is recommending cutting the tree down leaving a stump about 12 inches high. However, I am aware of the fact that there are utilities running under and or very close to the tree. Probably utilities such as cables and I did see a blue flag 6 inches from the tree years ago which I am assuming is water. It is a tree that was planted years ago by either CA or the county. I would appreciate your advice before cutting the tree down next week. This is of great urgency knowing that my neighbor has someone waiting to cut the tree down next week concurrent with the trimming of other trees on their property. We really need a yes to cut the tree down next week or wait until...whatever need to be done prior to removing the tree. Thank and I know this request may sound a little complicated but we have less than a week to make a decision.

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Q. Where is the tree?
A. the dead tree at the curb between 5008 and 5004 Ravenhill Row, Columbia, MD21044.
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A. Dead


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