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A ‘summons’ is not strong enough.

It is late Sunday, July 21, 2019 / early Monday July 22.

Talde has falsely made claims to a city official ( that they have a recycle collections on Sundays AND Mondays. The pictures show the recycle pile started before 2:27 PM July 21 (21 hours before the 7:30 am Monday collection) is the same at 7:40 pm July 21, and the same at 12:18 am Monday, July 22. What happened to the ‘Sunday collection’ that Talde claimed to have to a city official
“Division of Sanitation - xxxx (Verified Official) no cause today restaurant has two collection time one on Sunday and another on Monday businesses are allowed to place their trash and recycling out for collection up to 8 hrs before collection” -

Talde’s recycling is picked up Monday mornings at 7:30 AM, consistently, for weeks. Why is Talde allowed to operate in this fashion? Talde KNOWS they are doing something wrong because the recycling pile actually stopped after June 16 and they started putting it out on Sunday evenings (still beyond the 8 hours allowed), but they are back at it.

I live in this neighborhood and I should not have to look at trash piling up well before the collection time. This should not be occurring and I simply do not want my street looking like this. No other respectable restaurant operates in this fashion in the downtown area. Jersey City Government needs to ask itself “What if every restaurant in ‘Restaurant Row’ or the 'Pedestrian Mall' pulled a Dale Talde and started to operate on their own set of rules?”

I care about my neighborhood and my street and I simply do not not like the street I live on looking like this.

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