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Dwight Street, off of Sycamore, is a small narrow street that has approx. 10 houses on it. At the end of Dwight Street the road is in complete disrepair with chunks of the road actually missing. Also, at the end of Dwight Street it turns to Thayer. Thayer has some commercial property and as a result of that we have HUGE trucks coming and going from Dwight Street on a daily and regular basis. Many of these trucks have difficulty making the turn from Dwight to Thayer and as a result of caused property damage to fences and have even damaged cars. This is not an unusual occurrence either. What also happens is when a large 18 Wheeler comes down Dwight to make a delivery at Thayer they usually can't make the turn and end up blocking the entire street. This type of situation is extremely dangerous especially if anyone needed to get through for a fire, medical emergency, police emergency, etc. The speed of these vehicles is another concern.
Is there a way to restrict certain vehicles from coming down such a narrow and small street and to possible divert this traffic to Thayer in Belmont where the road is almost twice as wide and the access to the commercial buildings is much more direct?


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