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S-WASTE: Debris (Limbs, Yard Clippings) Acknowledged

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S-WASTE: Debris | Limbs | Yard Clippings | Bulky Waste


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We had a very large limb, (greater than 4 inches in diameter) fall during the recent storms and have also had to cut lots of bamboo to allow Cox Cable access to our utility pole on the property. I see the next regular yard waste pickup is not for a couple of weeks. We need to schedule a pickup as soon as possible as we are hosting a large gathering July 27 and the debris in the street will hamper parking and is a safety issue for traffic on our narrow street. Can someone call me back to see if that is possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Liz Fabian

also asked...
Q. Size of debris larger or smaller than flatbed of pick up truck?
A. size of debris is larger than a flatbed pickup truck
Q. How many bags of leaves?
A. None
Q. Where is the debris?
A. Debris on the curb or in the street


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