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Again Quaker Meetinghouse Road is draining into my front yard before the water reaches the catch basin grate about 5 ft to the south on the north side of the road. The berm is not directing runoff away from the verge, it is using the side of my driveway to drain onto my yard.

Please don't tell me this is related to the condition of my driveway - my driveway asphalt is damaged by the runoff, not creating the flood.

Floods started after the last full paving on the roadway - when the sidewalk went in across the road.

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Q. What is the address or location of the issue?
A. 131 Quaker Meetinghouse Rd
Q. Please describe the drainage issue:
A. entire front yard full - 3-4" so far in basement. A couple of years ago this reached 17" in the basement (see Fire dept)
Q. How long does the drainage issue tend to last after a storm event?
A. This is obviously dependent on the amount of rainfall but an average storm fills my turnaround for several hours.

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