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Students from Santa Fe Prep who drive their cars to school park in a leased parking lot at the Carmelite Sanctuary. Often the students cross the pedestrian crossing in a random order, sometimes a few students at a time but most often a string of single student spread out over a distance cross. Sometimes a drive will wait 30 seconds or more for a string of students to cross and causing traffic to back up past Old Santa Fe Trail. Sometimes a police officer is parked at the cross walk keeping drivers in check, but since the traffic is backed up no one moves beyond the speed limit. I seems to me that he/she could make a judgment call and hold the students back a few seconds in order to keep traffic flowing, the stop traffic and allowing 5 or more student to cross. Regulating pedestrian and auto traffic here is needed and could be done by the school or the police. It would take just 15 minutes or less to solve this problem. Otherwise the traffic will continue to back up on OSFT.

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