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tree, drain problem


Building is lit up like a Christmas Tree from dusk to dawn. The lighting in not compliant with the city ordinance. A sea turtle nest recently hatched and once again (as this happens year after year) the tiny turtles disoriented and went the wrong way, they were found in the parking lot of Sunset Chateau both live and dead, in the parking lot drains, in W Gulf Blvd street drain, any multiple dead in the street as they disorient and crawl crossing the street and get run over!!!
Two more nests remain in the vicinity of the building and have a 100% of disorienting as they have each and every year. More disoriented and dead hatchlings can be prevented if the lighting of this building was in compliance.

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A. Lighting of the entire building is NOT turtle friendly lighting nor compliant with city’s lighting ordinance.


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