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3051 67th Avenue Southeast Mercer Island, Washington Hiển thị trên Bản đồ Ẩn Bản đồ
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City of Mercer Island


Sewer Blockage

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Mercer Island

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Plumber came to remove the blockage and stated that there is roots 85FT from our house near 6In Main. See report below;
Cleared main line through pulled toilet
3in access. Found and cleared
blockage at 85 feet. Camera showed
line blocked with roots in 6in piping in
street area. Recommended cleanout on
property and hydro jet to fully remove
root mass. Customer is contacting city.

cũng đã hỏi...
Hỏi. Location - Where is the issue located?
Đáp. Near Water Main Line
Hỏi. Is the issue located inside or outside?
Đáp. Outside
Hỏi. What is blocked (toilet, bathtub, etc..)?
Đáp. near 6 In Main Line
Hỏi. Is water visible?
Đáp. No
Hỏi. Has this happened before?
Đáp. No
Hỏi. Have you had any recent work completed on your property?
Đáp. No
Hỏi. Do you know if service is impacted to your neighbors or other surrounding properties?
Đáp. No
Hỏi. How long has this issue been a problem?
Đáp. Just occurred on 7/23/19
Hỏi. Have you contacted a plumber or contractor?
Đáp. Yes
Hỏi. Do you know if you are you connected to the City Lakeline?
Đáp. Unknown

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