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Both my wife and I and almost every resident of zephyr lofts and 700 grove street have been hit by cars turning onto Marin Blvd from Observer highway. We always wait for the walk signal but drivers turning from the far side of observer highway are always speeding to make that turn before the traffic from the other side has the right of way. I'm not overstating the fact that someone is going to get knocked down or worse killed by the actions of these drivers.

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Q. What pedestrian and traffic safety elements would you like the city to consider?
A. 1. Traffic: Curb Extension/Daylighting Request (Curb extensions are traffic calming measures which improve sight lines and encourage slower turning speeds.)
Q. Additional Information
A. Almost every person in my building experiences this on a daily basis especially during rush hour. We never see a police officer from Hoboken or Jersey city at this cross section (occasionally there is a . If there could be some police presence there during rush hours to stop some of this


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