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I live at 3031 logan street here in Oakland. There are always people loitering outside my house and on the sidewalk, I do not know these people, and I caught them shooting dice aka playing street craps for money which I believe is illegal, several people in the neighborhood suspect these same people that I caught playing street craps of other illegal activity such as trespassing. My landlord has to always ask these people to get away from her front yard as they loiter and urinate in her yard and neighbors' yards. Also I see them doing drugs, and park their cars in front of the house and leave in other persons' cars, none of these people live on this street. I always see a green late model BMW sports utility vehicle and a red lexus sc400 and they are always taking up enough room for two parking spaces, these people often are the ones initiating the loitering and drug use and loud noise at various times of the day and night.

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