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Ever since the streets in this area were capped with black-tops more than 2 years ago, the white cross-walk paint lines were never re-painted. This is already a hazardous inter-section where vehicles race up and down Dhu Varren over the posted speed limit. When out walking and crossing from one side of Birchwood to the other, you take your life into your hands. Add into the fact that the corner house on the east side of Birchwood NEVER mows their lawn (and has been reported multiple times to the City over the past several years), you cannot see on-coming traffic past the weeds in her yard. The west side on Dhu Varren is also a City bus stop making it even more likely that someone could be injured or killed because the cross-walk was not repainted. It would also be a very good thing to install a 3-way stop sign at this intersection so that you can exit Foxfire without the fear of a vehicle broad-siding you from either direction. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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