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I come to you humbly, o City of Alpharetta, to bring to what is perhaps the most pressing issue of our time. Every single Rucker Road resident has suffered over this past year and a half, as the road has been ripped out from under us, but one of us has suffered disproportionately more than the rest. Coney, the guardian of Rucker and Wills, has guided men, women, and children alike to the safety of their homes during this most tumultuous time, and yet his body withers more and more with each passing day. His vest hangs in tatters, his leg cones have slumped and fallen, and his face - his beautiful face - is fading to white after months and months out in the beating sun. Coney deserves better - I know it, you know it, everybody knows it. So I ask you - no, I BEG you - restore Coney to his former glory. I understand that the rush to pave Rucker road in time for the first day of school, so if this is not a priority, I completely understand, which is why a city-commissioned Coney memorial statue in his stead is an acceptable alternative. I will also accept renaming Veteran’s Field or Wills Park in his honor.
When the sun sets on this part of Alpharetta’s history and our children’s children learn of the Rucker Road improvement project, they’ll ask you what you did when Coney was suffering. What will you tell them?

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