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Stormwater Issue


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Corner of Appian and Snell Isle BLVD is flooded again today. Just like last week Thursday. Today is worse and multiple cars are stuck in the flooded waters. Police and fire are now on scene rerouting traffic and rescuing stranded motorists. Also was told this is making the evening news casts.

Whatever was done last week is not working this week. What is the long term plan?

Been told by neighbors the flood plans include using the Vanoy golf course moats to catch rain water run off. These moats are supposed to be dry except for residual rain water not yet evaporated or moved to the storm sewers. If this is true then there is a major problem as the Vanoy moats are never dry. The golf course uses them as retention ponds and appears to use this water to water the course. If half of this is true then I am greatly disappointed the City is not making the Vanoy comply with the water run off requirements, and ask they immediately enforce the provisions.

also asked...
Q. What are you reporting?
A. Street flooding
Q. Location of problem?
A. Appian & Snell Isle Blvd

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