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Lights are NEEDED here on Union St. where Paper-mill Rd. meets Union St. as pictured above. I circled the 2 dangerous points where there has been numerous accidents to date from People coming off Paper-mill Rd. Its a push to get out onto Union St. & if you turn at the wrong time BANG your hit & people go up to 60 MPH on Union St. & there is not enough Pot holes to slow them down either. The school buses come in & out and the kids tell us about the close calls. Sure the drivers should use common sense but thats not something everyone has. PLEASE put up a light that turns RED, YELLOW, GREEN to tell drivers when to stop & when to go, & please not a flashing one. Also a sidewalk going down Union St. would be amazing. I get so nervous when I see a family or ANYONE walking down the street. People work at the plazas and risk their lives everyday on that road. Thank you for your time & I really hope this issue is taken serious.

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