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There are yet more dead and disoriented loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings from a nest that hatched just south of the Sunset Chateau Condos this weekend due to the condo complex lighting issues that were discussed in an earlier post. They are in blatant violation of the city lighting ordinance and it goes on, nest after nest and year after year! Please City of Treasure Island do something!!! Handing out informational brochures about proper lighting is NOT enforcing the city ordinance as the violations/violators continue to exist. The photo is a picture of one of many dead hatchlings that get disoriented and go through the parking lot of the condos and cross W Gulf Blvd. Some make it all the way to the condos across the street. Several end up in the storm drains which requires dispatching of the TI Fire Dept. What a waste of the cities resources when all that needs to happen is enforcement of the city light ordinance.

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Q. What is the Issue or Complaint?
A. Continued non-enforcement of the cities lighting ordinance at the expense of many sea turtle hatchlings.

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