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Erosion and Sediment


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Side of this part of Rim Rd at the hill has eroded due to past heavy rains. If not fixed ASAP the road will start having damage.

This has been a issue many times in the past.

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Q. Where is the erosion and/or sediment problem?
A. on the side of the Rd where this part of Rim Rd goes down hill.
Q. What do you think is causing the erosion and/or sedimentation problems?
A. Water from when it rains.
Q. Is there any current land disturbance or development in the area?
A. Yes
Q. What can you tell me to elaborate on the extent of the problem?
A. Dot needs to look into a permanent solution of this issue
Q. Has it happened before at this location?
A. Yes
Q. Has NC DENR or any other agency been notified of the issue? Explain.
A. no
Q. Is there any other information to share that would help the City in resolving the problem?
A. Look into a permanent solution so it doesn't keep happening.

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