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Parking Enforcement


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Parking Enforcement drives all over the Washington Park/Center Square area, with only a few drivers ever stopping to ticket the many violations in plain sight (parking over cross walks, in bus stops, in accessible spots without hang tag, in residential spots without a permit, etc, etc.). Repeatedly, and over more than a year, it has been reported that cars are constantly driving on the grass in Washington Park and parking at the basketball court despite signs clearly designating this is not allowed. Today, the court was again packed with cars and no police or Parking Enforcement addressed it even after calls reporting the issue. What is wrong with Parking and the Police Dept.? Who is in charge of Parking and why are they not being held accountable for ignoring serious and ongoing issues? In general, what is the point of seeclickfix when the only person who ever even occasionally posts a resolution or response is Molly at DGS (notices that an issue was "assigned" are not resolutions), Who do these posts go to and who is holding those individuals accountable for timely and thorough follow through?

also asked...
Q. What is the enforcement concern?
A. No Parking
Q. If possible, please briefly describe the situation.
A. Cars parked in Washington Park and Parking Enforcement Not Ticketing Violators
Q. What is the vehicle make and model? (Ex: Ford sedan)
A. Many
Q. What color is the vehicle?
A. Different colors
Q. What is the vehicle license plate number and state?
A. Many


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