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This home is a rental and has a chronic problem with debris, and junk accumulating over time. The only time the renters clean up is when Code enforcement goes out to the home. A year ago, I reported the same issue. Items were cleaned up, however, the addition to the home on the back side was never finished with siding, In fact, you can still see the insulation.
There are five home owners who are fed up with this issue. We realize its a rental and are hoping Roswell can contact the owner regarding this ongoing issue.
Major Issue: Back yard is visible from both streets the house sits on. There is a lot of debris, containers with staniding water, old trampoline, old doors and bldg. material, old shed, and rotted firewood not stacked.

The front yard now has two swing sets and one is inoperable. The homeowner could be held liable if someone gets hurt. There is a car jack in front view and miscellaneous junk. We are tired of looking at this. I have additional photos, but can only upload one image.

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